• This documentary short film is exquisitely beautiful and the animation is amazing; it shows a splendid cinematographic execution were the symbolic is especially taken care of, and the cultural context is so well managed that the voices of the victims

  • Does it make sense to speak of such a crude and unsavoury subject (violence is always crude and unsavoury and even more so when it is structural), which causes us a deep unease, through subtle visual metaphors, through poetics full

  • I've been asked to say a few words regarding my impressions about Where were you? And my impression is that I am impressed. And I'm sorry for the easy word play, but it's for a good reason. I can't think

  • Beautiful and suggestive, delicate and terrifying. The wise joining together of animation and real life testimonies gives the film a dramatic quality that grabs your attention. In the same way, the symbolism through The Falles, the African fabrics and the