WHERE WERE YOU? challenges us to reflect on this transversal and universal reality that is violence against women. Everyday violence, subtle or brutal, all terrible and intolerable. Experiences told in different languages and from different countries. A film that harmonizes the authenticity of real life testimonies with the evocative and visual power of animation.

Wherever you are, do not let it happen.

Direction, script and music

Direction and script: María Trénor.

Script adaptation: Francesc Picó y Joaquín Ojeda de Haro.

Original music: F. Pérez Escrivá.


Executive production: Francesc García Donet y Francesc Picó.

Production management: José Carlos Díaz y Joaquín Ojeda de Haro.

Character design and animation

Drawings: María Trénor, Julia Cruz y Marta Gil.

2D Animation: Marta Gil, Julia Cruz, María Trénor y Vicente Puig.

3D Animation: Begoña Añón, Hugo Tárrega Roses, Álvaro Fornas y Pablo Riaño.

Captions: Alejandro Capilla y María Trénor.

Editing and sound

Editing: Joaquín Ojeda de Haro y Belén Cortiña.

Sound design: José Sepulveda y Joaquín Ojeda de Haro.

Direct sound: Francisco Casted y Joaquín Ojeda.

Sound editor: José Sepúlveda.

Collaborating companies

Pterodactive, Mozing Studio, Sépul Sound and Magnet Comunicación y Diseño.

La directora: bio y filmografía

María Trénor

María Trénor holds a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

A Lecturer in Media Studies at the School of Art and Design of Valencia (EASD), she has always combined teaching with artistic creation, which has earned her notable national and international recognition in festivals such as the Berlinale and Sundance, among others.

  1. Con qué la lavaré

    María Trénor makes her debut with Con qué la lavaré, her first animated short film in 35 mm, which won 14 awards at different national and international festivals, including the Teddy Award at the 54th Berlin International Film Festival.

  2. Exlibris

    Premiere of Exlibris, a visual poem in the form of an experimental animated short film that pays tribute to books and the reading experience. It was nominated for a Goya Award, Spain’s main national annual film awards.

  3. Where were you?

    María Trénor finishes Where were you? and continues working on her next and most ambitious project, the animated musical feature film Rock Bottom about British cult musician Robert Wyat.


Previous work


Con qué la lavaré